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July 29, 2019

Setting Land Speed Records At 500 MPH

Land Speed Racing has taken place at the Utah salt flats since 1914. There are five major races that take place at the Bonneville flats. “Speed Week”, the most popular of all takes place in early August and is where most racers go to set land speed records. Land Speed Racing welcomes cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Prior to the race, the Southern California Timing Association and the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association prep the salt and create several different “lanes” for the various classes and vehicles. This is done with surveying equipment and large draggers and graters that compact and level the various lanes. The larger engine and higher speed vehicles will utilize the 5 mile lanes, where the smaller engine and lower speed classes use the 2 and 3 mile lanes.

Carbinite Land Speed Racing Team is a team of engineers with one goal, to be the first piston powered car to go 500 MPH! Their “streamliner” is designed to push the limits of automotive performance through advanced aerodynamics, and drive train efficiencies. This fall they will be on the salt to see what the turbocharged vehicle is capable of doing and trying to set new land speed records.

Equipped with two Garrett GTX5533R 88mm turbochargers, this vehicle is making 2821 horsepower! To quote Rob Freyvogel, team lead and driver “The engine is just a mild conventional headed 540ci BBC. It is the Garrett Gen II GTX turbos that are making all the power! These new turbos are so much more efficient, the big ice water intercooler has much less heat to get rid of resulting in cooler air inlet temps at the big end of the track.”



See more about Carbinite below or follow Carbinite on Facebook and for more awesome photos of Carbinite see below:

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