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August 13, 2019

Turbocharged Motorcycles Prepare To Break Speed Records At Bonneville

Red Cup Racing Team from British Columbia, Canada prepare their turbocharged motorcycles to set new speed records as they head into the 2019 Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats. “We’ve been coming to the salt flats for the last 10 years with multiple motorcycles and a goal to set new speed records in different classes.” says Nick Bouwmeester.

This year the team is campaigning for four different class records. 175cc, 250cc, 350cc, 750cc are the engine sizes being used. These bikes are all Garrett turbocharged setups ranging from a GT1241, GT2052, and a compound setup with a GT1241 and GT2860R. Leading the charge for development and fabrication is Tyrel and Jack from Roosters Bike Shop. The pair specialize in motorcycle engine building, engine tuning, dyno services, custom turbocharged builds.

New 250cc Build Breakdown

The latest build being debuted at Speed Week is a 250cc compound turbo bike. This turbocharged motorcycl is built to set the overall top speed record for a 250cc engine. Current overall record is held by a streamliner at 198mph, and the sit-on record is 166mph, the Red Cup Team has built this bike to go over 200MPH. The stock frame FZR250 Yamaha has a custom 10” extended swing arm to increase wheelbase and stability at high speeds. The stock motor cases were machined to house 3x larger studs that started off at 6mm and now 3/8” torqued to a monstrous 45ft/lbs so the head doesn’t lift under boost. A custom clutch package and cover was engineered specifically for this bike by Barnett Clutches.

Fitting all the components under the stock fairings was a feat in and of itself. Roosters Bike Shop built an air to water intercooler with an ice box to keep the charge air from the turbos cool. The compound manifold supports the GT1241 low-pressure unit that feeds the GT2860RS high pressure turbo. Chopper from Limit Engineering in Lake Havasu, a performance distributor for Garret that specializes in turbocharged motorcycles says, “I get excited when these guys call me because I know they are looking for new ways to turbocharged motorcycles and this compound setup is a great way to make power and have low end response.”

Setting a New Speed Record

With a target speed of 200mph, this bike needed an update to the aero package which added some weight over the rear tire and gave the rider a lower center of gravity as well as reduced drag when tucked into his riding position. Tyrel removed the stock seat and replaced it with a fuel cell that sits above the swingarm, while a thin piece of aluminum and rubber pad is all that Nick Bouwmeester sits atop. The removal of the stock gas tank allowed space for the intercooler and icebox also placing the rider into a lower position on the bike. Lastly the rear tail section of the bike is built out of sheet metal and allows the riders feet to tuck into pockets reducing as much drag as possible.

Rider and bike owner Nick says, “There’s a lot of team work that goes into making these races a success and a lot of it happens before we get out there. Without everyone’s support we couldn’t do it.Roosters Bike Shop is amazing and Ty can dream up anything and his ability to make it happen physically is why we all continue to make it to Bonneville every year. Thanks to Chopper from Limit and Garrett Turbo for making a great product”

We wish the Red Cup Racing Team a successful Speed Week and look forward to seeing their future builds.

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