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September 19, 2019

The Fastest Radial Drag Car In The World With 4690 Horsepower



Jason Carter and Mark Micke are two of the biggest names in drag radial racing. Known for winning the inaugural Radial vs World Sweet 16 race in 2018 where they walked away with $101,000 dollars! Most notably these two hold the record for the fastest drag radial racing car in the world with a top speed of 221 MPH in the 1/8th mile! (3.67 second 1/8th). We asked the Garrett sponsored team what it takes to go that fast and here’s what they told us. Jason Carter’s 1978 Malibu, aka ‘Bu” has a Nelson Competition 548 cubic inch billet big-block Chevy engine, twin Garrett GTX5533R Gen II 98mm turbochargers with 1.30 A/R stainless v-band turbine housings provide the boost to propel this brick of a car down the track. This car is makes 4690 horsepower at a whopping 85 pounds of boost! Micke, owner of M&M Transmission says his TH400 two-speed and torque converter setup is perfect for this car in how it loads the engine differently, spiking the boost at the right time. Micke uses the Malibu to R&D components before releasing them to the public. A recent visit to Fuel Tech USA in Atlanta, GA gave Jason Carter and Mark Micke a chance to upgrade their ECU system and get some dyno time. This allows the team to fine tune the car in near perfect conditions.

 After two days of dyno pulls and tuning the team maxed out their setup making 4690 horsepower! Check out the dyno graph.  





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