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July 25, 2019

Pac Performance Dominates Turbocharged Rotary Drag Racing

After being postponed last month due to bad weather, anticipation for the 2019 Sydney Grudge Kings event only grew stronger and when the day finally rolled around on Saturday, racers were greeted to some of the best event weather we’ve seen for a long while, and with track prep providing a killer surface, racers were keen to hit the track! This year’s event would see 9 Pac cars competing across various classes, including both the Mazda6 SP and Rodney’s new 13B RX8 racing in the Pro Elite class. Pac Performance utilized the Garrett GTX5533R Gen II turbochargers for these high horsepower rotary drag racing applications.

Kevin Awadson and his RX8 have been creating quite a stir over the past few weeks, creeping deeper and deeper into 7s on a small radial tyre. Racing in the Pro Small Tyre Fighter class at Grudge Kings, the World’s Quickest Rotary on a radial tyre ran strong all day, kicking things off with a 7.49@184 before blasting out a 7.33@191 to re set its own record.

Additionally, all eyes have been on the PACMAN RX8 of late and nothing changed for this event with everyone keen to see what the car could do. A 6.66@201 in testing on Friday set a great base line for Saturday with Rod and the team confident in putting down some good passes for the crowd.

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