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July 18, 2019

Mike Jovanis Wins NMRA True Street with GTX5533R Gen II Turbocharger

Mike Jovanis takes home another True Street drag racing win with an 8.05 average in NMRA True Street class. The 1989 Mustang is boosted by a Garrett GTX5533R Gen II 88mm turbo, and a heavily modified engine package featuring a DiSomma Racing Engines 348ci utilizes a Dart Iron Eagle engine block, a steel crank, steel rods, custom Diamond pistons (with 10:1 compression), a custom camshaft, and Total Engine Airflow-ported Trick Flow High-Port heads (250cc version). The engine currently produces approximately 1,500 horsepower.
True Street is a class that is completed in one day, where contestants perform a 30-mile cruise that is followed by three consecutive passes down the track to establish an average elapsed time. Part of the challenge is that racers cannot pop the hood during the cool down period between the cruise and the on-track competition, nor can they add more fuel.
For more information on this build and engine setup please visit Click for Race Pages Article

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