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September 13, 2019

JDM Meets German Fusion: Meet The 900hp Bavarian Battle Wagon

Photo by @chuchoshoots

Cross breeding has yielded some amazing results, some better than others. In the automotive world, this practice is becoming far more common and accepted, as some swaps have yielded incredible results. Take this 2000 BMW 323 Touring Wagon. A practical, well-mannered 5-door E46 mixed with a fire breathing 2JZ-GTE beast putting down over 900 horsepower to the wheels with a GTX3584RS turbocharger supplying the boost. Only the right performance shop and the right performance parts could make it all happen.

Six for Six

Skilled craftsmen, Lawrence Shipman, Jason Ford, and Scott Birdsall of Chuckles Garage in Santa Rosa, California were the men to make this vision a reality. The first step was to pluck the factory BMW M52 inline 6-cylinder engine from its home to make way for a more capable 6-cylinder solution. With forced induction a must and big horsepower a given, the team agreed that Toyota’s legendary turbocharged 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE engine was the right choice for the job. Sporting a cast iron block and 86mm bore and stroke, the 2JZ-GTE offered much greater performance potential than the factory engine.


Building For Power

In preparation for big boost and even bigger horsepower, the 2JZ block got a set of forged aluminum JE Pistons in a 9.5-to-1 compression ratio. Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods make the connection between the pistons and the factory crankshaft. Atop the block, the cylinder head was ported and polished before receiving Supertech valvetrain to optimize the airflow in and out of the cylinders. The intake side is port matched to the factory intake manifold and throttle body to further facilitate a smooth transition from the runners to the intake ports. A six-pack of Injector Dynamics 1,700cc/min fuel injectors deliver E85 fuel into the airstream of the incoming intake charge.


RS to the Rescue

With a solid foundation in place, attention shifted to the turbocharger. Rather than employing a twin turbocharger setup as the 2JZ-GTE comes with from the factory, the consensus was to go with a single turbocharger. A turbocharger that could provide the boost pressure to reach their target horsepower levels without sacrificing response. The Garrett GTX3584RS turbocharger delivers airflow to produce 550-to-1,000 horsepower in 2.0L – 5.5L engine applications thanks in part to the 67/68mm compressor to turbine wheel combination. This is the highest output turbocharger in the mid-framed class and an ideally sized turbocharger to reach this project’s horsepower target. Driving GTX3584RS turbocharger to generate boost requires a DOCrace equal-length exhaust manifold feeding spent gasses from the exhaust ports into the turbine inlet of the stainless steel 1.01 A/R v-band turbine housing. The 67mm inducer draws in ambient air to be compressed within the aluminum compressor housing. From the compressor outlet, the charge air flows through the intercooler. The cooler, denser charge air rushes toward the throttle body and intake manifold. With boost pressure set at 28psi an AEM Infinity engine management system dictates the fuel and ignition tables  for E85 fuel. Once calibrated, this BMW wagon produced 924 horsepower to the rollers of a ­Dynojet dynamometer.

Dyno Results: 3.0L 2JZ made 924 horsepower with the Garrett GTX3584RS 1.01 A/R

The 3.0L 2JZ made 924 horsepower with the GTX3584RS


Widebody on the Horizon

The process of building this BMW into the war wagon it is there is no greater rush or satisfaction than seeing and hearing this E46 eclipse the 900 horsepower mark on the dyno. With plenty of usable horsepower the wagon made its debut at the Shift Sector ½ mile roll race event and got the car up to 168.35 miles per hour! Next time you are out at the races be on the lookout for this turbocharged monster.


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