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February 8, 2021

Boosting Students’ Hopes and Dreams in Brno, Czech Republic

New-comers Barbora Stalmachova, Kristyna Ballayova and Otakar Zavada during their onboarding session.

Garrett’s internship and graduate programs in the Czech Republic are boosting the hopes and dreams of more than 50 talented young people as they experience what it means to be part of a global technology business…and witness what the future can hold for them.

Currently, Garrett’s team in Brno, Czech Republic supports 49 interns and two graduate recruits from local colleges, including 12 students taken on in 2020 despite the pandemic. The programs are framed by Garrett’s WeCare4 university outreach commitment, which promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professions to young women and men around the world to help them fulfil their potential.

“I have the opportunity to approach the individual tasks in a creative way. I don’t feel I have my hands tied, and I can solve the tasks in a way that suits me best.”

Jan Galia, Engineering Intern Electrification Centre of Excellence


“Educating future innovators is part of our Garrett DNA,” says Libor Urbanec, Site Managing Director in Brno. “By nurturing the next generation, and through the continuous development of our employees, we set the course for further progress and innovation while strengthening the foundations of a better future.”

A Commitment to Education that Never Stops

Just like other Garrett locations around the world, the Czech team is committed to keeping STEM education going, despite additional challenges. That is why during the pandemic 12 new students safely joined Garrett in Brno.

“Although we have had to make adjustments for a COVID environment, all our current intake of interns and graduates – and those being recruited this year – will benefit from a rich learning and development experience in a safe work environment,” explains Hana Sancova, HR Manager. “These programs are a pipeline for the innovators of the future. For interns, it’s a ‘living lab’ experience, as they develop the problem-solving skills they need to confront real-life challenges and achieve their goals.”

From Engineering to HR – A Complex Knowledge Net to Develop Young Minds

Jan Galia started his Internship at Garrett almost two years ago.

For new-comers Kristyna Ballayova and Otakar Zavada, the Brno Internship is a great opportunity to put into practice what they are learning at the university and grow in their fields of study. “As a student of automotive engineering, I have known Garrett as a leader in turbocharging. I wanted to get closer to engineering processes in such a well-known company, and through this opportunity I have gained valuable experience that I would like to use in Garrett in the future,” explains Otakar Zavada, Engineering Intern, Brno Test Lab.

While the focus of Garrett’s internship and graduate program is engineering, students can also gain experience in other business functions, such as HR, which is how Jarmila Uherova started her journey towards becoming a Staffing Specialist in Brno.

Just like Jarmila started out 17 years ago, Barbora Stalmachova is now an HR intern.

“Earning a place on the intern program opened up a huge opportunity for me to see the HR processes and learn how they work in real life,” says Barbora.

While the new interns are just beginning their journey inside the company, the more seasoned interns have already discovered a huge net of knowledge and an entire team of highly skilled experts that keep them fully engaged with the program tasks.

Creative Engineering: Freedom to Choose How You Solve Tasks

Jan Galia for example started as an Engineering Intern in Garrett’s Electrification COE (Center of Excellence) almost two years ago, and says he loves the freedom he gets here.

“What I particularly appreciate is the diversity of my work. I am still entrusted with new and interesting tasks. Moreover, the flexible working schedule can be very comfortably combined with the school hours, and I always find support during the credit and exam period”, says Jan Galia.

Creativity is a big part of Intern Kristyna Mrazkova work.

Creativity is a big part of Kristyna Mrazkova work as well. “I work as an adapter designer in the test lab. I love the challenge of creating a part from scratch, thinking about ways to manufacture it,” explains Kristyna, Engineering Intern in the Brno Test Lab. “The main reason I would recommend the internship to every single engineering student is the vast spectrum of practical information and skills on offer to fill in theoretical education.”

Alongside the Internship Programs, Garrett also offers career opportunities to program graduates. The Garrett graduate intake focuses on engineering and IT recruits from local universities. Graduates complete three 12-month assignments within Brno’s engineering hub, plus a year-long international rotation at a different Garrett facility. During this time, they will work alongside engineering experts and receive specific training to build technical and leadership competences.

Petra Dubinova recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Garrett Motion. She joined the company’s Engineering and Technology Graduate Program in December 2019 as an Engineering Trainee and, right from the start, her appetite for learning put her on track for a successful engineering career. 

“The experienced engineers are friendly, supportive and always willing to help. You really feel like a member of the team”

Kristyna Mrazkova Engineering Intern – Brno Test Lab


“I really like that I have the possibility to switch positions after a year. Now, we are starting to discuss where I should continue next and it’s great to know that it doesn’t depend only on the company’s needs but also on my preferences. My current mentor and his manager are really trying to find the best option for me.”

More about her experience can be found here.

This year, Garrett will have a presence at two online recruitment events – the Company Day at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno Technical University on  March 11 and the iKariera Jobfair on April 14 covering electrical engineering and IT. The company is also running a series of events around the world throughout February as part of its month-long internal STEM education initiative.

Garrett is currently recruiting for two new graduate program starters and three interns in the Czech Republic. To find out more visit our Graduate and Students page


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