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January 25, 2022

Adam LZ’s R33 Nissan Skyline Giveaway Car Sports a Garrett Turbo and Makes 500+ HP

By Ainsley Jacobs

Given away to a lucky winner by LZMFG, this R33 Nissan Skyline makes 500+ horsepower thanks to its Garrett GTX3071 turbo.

The Nissan Skyline is a hero amongst the import car culture and an icon of the Japanese automotive world. Owning a Skyline itself is an honor, and a rarity for United States enthusiasts, but Adam from LZMFG got his hands on a beautiful R33 chassis Skyline and offered up the exclusive opportunity to take possession of it through a giveaway contest.

Known as “Godzilla,” the Skyline comes straight from the factory with plenty of power under its hood thanks to the legendary RB26DETT 2.6-liter inline-six DOHC twin turbo engine. In this case, though, Adam opted to install an RB26 that had been plucked from the previous generation R32 chassis.

Fully refreshed and fortified with new head studs, Adam then fitted the Skyline’s R32 RB26 with a billet intake manifold and individual throttle bodies. DeatschWerks 1,000cc fuel injectors and a matching DW400 fuel pump were installed to provide an ample supply whether there was 93 octane or E85 fuel in the tank. Finally, a DOC Race exhaust manifold was bolted to the .63 A/R T3 turbine housing of the single Garrett GTX3071 Gen II turbocharger in order to position it up top for maximum visibility.

With the most important aspect of the right-hand drive Skyline squared up, it was time to strap the car to the dyno and get real-world validation of how much power it was actually producing. Adam loaded up the R33 giveaway car and headed over to see the horsepower kings at Titan Motorsports.

Adam from LZMFG was joined by tuner Jack Cecil of Horsepower Logic to get the R33 Skyline’s Haltech engine management system dialed in, and Jack also worked his magic on Adam’s daily driven and Garrett turbocharged R32 Skyline. With the rear wheels ready to rip, the first pull on E85 fuel broke the 400-horsepower mark on 20 pounds of boost.

Check Out The Dynograph

By the day’s end, the guys had sorted out the combination and had the RB26 safely supplying 514-horsepower and 430-torque at the rear wheels with the Garrett GTX3071 turbo spooling up to 28 psi. The power curves looked great and were still on the safe side of fuel and timing so that the lucky winner would be able to enjoy the fun and simple street car regardless of where they live. On 93 octane pump gas, the LZMFG Skyline produced a safe and reliable 356-horsepower with a rich tune up.

Hear it on the Dyno!

Confident in the car’s capabilities and satisfied that the monster would be ready to rip on the streets while still having plenty of grip, the contest was run a few days later and Justin was randomly selected as the lucky winner of the 500-horsepower hot rod R33 Nissan Skyline from LZMFG. In addition to the incredible car, he also received $5,000 cash and an unlimited supply of boost-induced happiness that comes on strong at only 4,000 rpm thanks to the Garrett GTX3071 Gen II turbo.

Hear it start for the first time

VEHICLE: R33 Nissan Skyline

ENGINE: Nissan R32 RB26

TURBO: Garrett GTX3071 Gen II turbocharger 5455 turbo compressor to turbine wheel specs.

TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual

POWER: 514

USED FOR: street

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