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April 23, 2020

8theV8: Meet The 979 WHP Audi TT RS Coupe

When you make a statement like 8theV8 you better be ready to back it up and this Audi TT RS coupe does just that. This all wheel drive sleeper is aiming for low 9 second ¼ miles at 160 MPH+ all while being daily driven on 94 octane/E85! What’s interesting is this car has a 5 cylinder 2.5L engine that cranks out 979 wheel horsepower with a single 68mm turbo thanks to the new G Series G35-1050! (Insert mind-blown emoji)

2.5 Liters Of Fury

If you can imagine the engine bay in this car you probably know there’s not much room for anything extra, or even a larger turbo. That’s where Garrett engineers around the globe are smiling. The Garrett G Series G35-1050 is a 68mm turbocharger that can produce 1050 horsepower worth of air all in a compact package. Not to mention it comes in standard and reverse rotation or mirrored turbos depending on what you need to complete your build. This needed just one G35-1050 reverse rotation turbo to turn it into a #V8hunter! Reverse rotation turbochargers are mirrored copies of the standard rotation turbo. They spin in a counterclockwise rotation and the boosted air exits the turbo to the left. The compressor wheel, compressor housing, turbine wheel, and turbine housing are all engineered so the air flows the direction of the outlets.


See below in the video as the team from Eurocharged Canada tunes the 2.5L engine for its massive power target. A few things to keep in mind is this car is AWD all-wheel-drive so there’s 15-20% drivetrain loss between the engine and wheels, and this is not even close to a stock setup so kids, don’t try this at home. The full build specs are below and make sure to like and follow @8theV8 on IG for more updates on the build. Images and video provided by @xplicitproductionz


Build Specs

2018 Audi TT RS Coupé

2.5L 5 Cylinder

Daily driven, E85/Pump 94
Goals: Aiming for low 9s and trap 160mph+

Fully Built by Eurocharged Canada
Eurocharged Canada Custom ECU/TCU

Forged Rotating assembly
– Carillo Rods
– Mahle Pistons
– ARP Head Stud Kit
– Coated Piston tops & Skirt
– Iroz MotorSports Race Head CNC ported

Race3 Motorsport Full-Frame Turbo Kit
– G35-1050 Turbo
– Custom Down Pipe
– Titanium Midpipes
– Custom Manifold
– Custom Titanium exhaust

Dodson Motorsport 8/9 Plates
Wavetrac Differentials Front LSD

-Vargas PFS LPFP
-Xtreme-DI High Pressure Fuel Pump

-ILR Carbon spoiler
-Braille 17lbs battery
-Eventuri Stg III Intake
-Gyro Disc Rear Rotors
-CTS DSG Filter Housing
-Wagner EVO3 intercooler
-Audi Ceramic Front Brakes
-Augment Wheels Mag wheels 13lbs 18 x 8

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