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July 16, 2019

Garrett Motion Wins Award from Isuzu

New Garrett GT35V Turbocharger Design for 9.8L HD Diesel Achieves Next Generation Engine and Cost Targets for Isuzu

TOKYO, July 15, 2019 – Garrett Motion Inc. (NYSE: GTX), a leading global supplier of turbochargers, was recently recognized by Isuzu with a new supplier award for its third generation GT35V turbocharger.

The “Cost Improvement for 9.8L Heavy Duty Trucks” award was earned by Garrett engineers who were able to create a common turbocharger to support two different engines: the aforementioned 9.8-liter heavy duty diesel, as well as Isuzu’s medium-duty 7.8-liter diesel engine.

Garrett’s new design allowed Isuzu to not only reduce costs by deploying the same turbocharger on different size engines, but it also dramatically improved weight and packaging characteristics, especially for the larger engine. These engines power the popular heavy-duty commercial Isuzu GIGA portfolio of trucks (Japanese: いすゞ・ギガ).

President and Managing Director of Garrett Motion Japan Yasuhiro Kinoshita

President and Managing Director of Garrett Motion Japan Yasuhiro Kinoshita received the award during a celebration bringing together 300 companies and more than 1,000 attendees.

“We’ve been working with Isuzu for more than 30 years, and have grown our business in the last three to five years with the addition of new programs for Isuzu’s 1.9-liter SUV engine, 3.0-liter light-duty truck and the 9.8-liter heavy-duty truck engine on the Giga.  This award positions us to build upon that market momentum and highlights our customer focused approach that we feel is a key differentiator. This award shows that our customers appreciate the new ideas Garrett offers,” said Kinoshita.

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About Garrett Motion Inc.

Garrett ( is the world’s largest supplier of turbocharger technologies.  Garrett has more than 65 years experience producing passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, aftermarket replacement and performance enhancement technology. Garrett’s growing product portfolio enables vehicles to become safer, and more connected, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our portfolio of turbocharging, electric boosting and automotive software helps the transportation industry to redefine and further advance motion. For more news and information on Garrett, please visit



Garrett Motion Wins Award from Isuzu


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