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The Potential of e-Boosting Technologies in the Context of WLPT and RDE

Author: P.Davies,L.Pohorelsky A.Vondrak, P.Chobola | Garrett Motion | Honeywell Transportation Systems

Summary and Outlook

Track history at Honeywell in Electrified Turbomachinery

  • electric Turbo and Turbo + eCharger systems both capable of doubling Torque at 1s
  • If high levels of ePower are available, Turbo + eChargercould have advantage over electric Turbo
  • If only moderate ePower available electric Turbo (0kWe) is equal to Turbo + eCharger (2kWe)
  • Millerization provides significant Fuel Economy improvement
  • electric Turbo can enable further Millerization and compensate for Transient response
  • electric Turbo offers Fuel Economy potential in RDE conditions with same or better Transient
  • electric Turbo can Recuperate both Turbocompound Energy and Rotor Kinetic Energy
  • electric Turbo has the potential to be SOC neutral or better



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