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Garrett Classic | Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Horsepower: 0 - 0

Displacement: 0.0L - 0.0L


Garrett | Classic Turbo incorporates modern engineering with direct-fit installation for the iconic Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8V, 16V | Lancia Dedra | Alfa 155 2.0 Q4 | Fiat Coupe 16V. The modern journal bearing rotating group utilizes a 360-degree thrust bearing for improved reliability. Garrett integrated the actuator bracket into the compressor housing to strengthen the turbocharger. This turbocharger includes a gasket kit for a direct-fit installation.

Part Number 917375-5004W

• 360-degree thrust bearing to improve reliability and durability of
the rotor system during extreme operating conditions
• Wastegate actuator bracket is cast into the compressor housing
to improve stiffness against engine vibration
• Robust turbine housing, engineered using of thermal simulation
to avoid cracks and other failures
• Includes gasket kit 917890-0001 (Turbine inlet, oil inlet, oil outlet)
• Direct-fit installation

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“Garrett Performance Kits are professional aftermarket products only designed for certain racing vehicles driven on particular racing tracks and shall only be used on racing vehicles that will never be driven on public roads or highways. Garrett Performance Kits are not legal for the use in vehicles on public roads or other roads to which public road law applies. Any vehicle modifications using Garrett Performance Kits are AT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY and AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only use Garrett Performance Kits in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances (including but not limited to emission, noise, operating license, performance, safety, and type-approval aspects). A vehicle modification using Garrett Performance Kits may particularly affect or void a vehicle’s warranty, operating license or type-approval. Moreover, only use Garrett Performance Kits in compliance with all applicable racing and racing track provisions. It is YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK to ensure that your Garrett Performance Kit fits your vehicle and area of application. YOU MUST ENSURE LAWFUL AND SAFE OPERATIONS AT ANY TIME. You should particularly consult the owner’s manual and service manual of your vehicle. You should also contact your vehicle’s manufacturer to determine what effects modifications may have on important aspects such as safety, warranty, performance, etc. Only install and use Garrett Performance Kits if you have fully read and understood this important safety information and if you fully agree with the terms and conditions set forth therein.”

Garrett Classic | Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Reference Data


Model Year Garrett DSR PN Garrett PN OE PN
Lancia Delta HF Integrale ( 8V, catalytic converter) Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V 1989-1991 971375-5004W 465103-5003S 76317230
465103-5004S 77202760
465103-5006S  76863370
465103-5009S 77294710
Lancia Dedra 2.0L Turbo Integrale 1991-1994 465103-5009S 77294710
Alfa 155 2.0L Q4 16V Turbo 1992-1994 465103-5004S 77202760
Fiat Coupe 2.0L 16V Turbo 1993-1996 1993-1996 465103-5004S 77202760


Garrett Classic | Lancia Delta HF Integrale

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Garrett Classic | Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart

Garrett Classic Turbo for the Lancia Delta is engineered to be a direct replacement turbo with OEM fitment. This complete turbocharger is calibrated and ready for installation. The actuator bracket is cast into the compressor housing for improved actuator support and the turbine housing is more robust than the original design to provide long-term durability.

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