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Technical Papers
September 2017

The new 1.5l TSIevo gasoline engine from Volkswagen – Miller Cycle and Turbocharging with variable turbine geometry

Author: M. Görke, D. Hagelstein, M. Künstner, J. Theobald; Volkswagen AG | M. Protiva, N. Morand, D. Jeckel; Honeywell Transportation Systems

In addition to meeting future emission regulations, a significant reduction in fuel consumption in real customer operations with a higher vehicle performance has been the driver for the development of the new EA211 TSI evo engine generation, As the first representative of the new generation, the 1.5l TSI evo engine starts and replaces the successful EA211 1.4l TSI 92kW series. The new 96kW engine is characterized by the Miller combustion process combined with an exhaust gas turbocharger with variable turbine geometry.

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