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Technical Papers
September 2017

RDE and CO2 relevant Boosting Technologies for Passenger Cars

Author: L. Pohorelsky, J-S. Roux, E. Bouvier, P. Rathmann, D. Jeckel

As more stringent emission and fuel economy legislation are  implemented around the world it is evident that vehicles and powertrains will soon have significantly increased levels of Electrification. This paper introduces an advanced simulation study based on a 2.0L Gasoline engine. It compares the potential functionality and trade-offs between a baseline boosting system and two alternatives: one utilizing an electrically driven compressor (e-Charger™) and a wastegate turbo, and the other with an electrically assisted turbocharger system (e-Turbo) only. Steady-State, Transient and potential Fuel Economy in a reference RDE Cycle as well as a WLTC are considered.

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