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Technical Papers
April 2021

Investigation of the Relative Performance of Vaned and Vaneless Mixed Flow Turbines for Medium and Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Applications With Pulse Exhaust Systems

Author: Garrett’s contribution to this paper through Andrew Gardner

Abstract: This paper details results of a numerical and experimental investigation into the relative performance of vaned and vaneless mixed flow turbines for application to medium and heavy-duty diesel engines utilizing pulse exhaust systems. Previous investigations into the impact of nozzle vanes on turbine performance considered only open turbine housings, whereas a majority of medium and heavy-duty diesel engine applications are six-cylinder engines using pulse exhaust systems with divided turbines.

The two turbine stages for this investigation were carefully designed to meet the constraints of engines with pulse exhaust systems and to control confounding factors that would undermine the vaned vs vaneless performance comparison. Detailed CFD analysis and turbine dynamometer test results confirm a significant efficiency advantage for the vaned turbine stage under both full and partial admission conditions.


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