Technical Papers
November 2019

Electric Turbo Whitepaper | A key Technology for EU7 – Hybridized Powertrain (Lambda 1, Performance and Energy efficiency)

Author: P. Davies a, N. Bontemps a, P. De Araujo a, D. Zecchetti b, S. Heintz b

Abstract: Hybrid Powertrains are growing in popularity around the world. The derivative known as Mild Hybrid using 48V Technology is gaining significant acceptance from OEM’s and customers throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

With the inclusion of a 48V network in the vehicle and eMotors on the Powertrain the possibility exists to extend the hybrid system and install 48V Technology in the boosting system as well.

This paper focuses on a case study of a 48V E-Turbo, as applied to a modern and respected 2,0L Gasoline DI. The objective of the project has been to demonstrate the basic and advanced functionalities of an E-Turbo in the context of performance, CO2 and future emission targets.

The project is approximately a 3 year endeavor and this paper is written with the results status after 2 years in.  

Key Words: E-Turbo; Turbocharging; Light vehicle; Passenger car; CO2; Thermal management; downsizing.

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