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July 29, 2017

What is a VNT™ – Double Axle VNT Turbo?

Favored among medium and heavy-duty truck and bus applications, Garrett® DA VNT™  previously called Double Axle VNT™ (DAVNT), uses 12 –19 turbine nozzle vanes supported by twin axles.

The function of these two axles is to locate the vanes between the unison and nozzle rings.

Double Axle VNT provides quicker transient response, promotes greatly enhanced engine braking, and is a key component in driving exhaust gas recirculation.

The center housing is qualified to withstand 700ºC max turbine inlet temperatures.

The durable nozzle assembly is capable of handling turbine inlet pressure exceeding 5 bar under engine-braking conditions. The nozzle vanes are positioned via a Rotary Electronic Actuator (REA) – specifically designed for Double Axle VNT systems – or a high-pressure pneumatic actuator. In case of REA, an integrated position sensor controls both vane movement and position.

Boreless titanium compressor wheels and speed sensors allow for high pressure ratio operation and sophisticated control, while durability is underpinned by a Garrett patented pressure balance system that channels exhaust gas to both sides of the turbine vanes, equalizing pressure and minimizing actuation forces, hysterisis and wear.

This technology is ideally suited to engine displacements ranging from 4L to 14L.

Examples of Double Axle VNT turbos available for our Aftermarket network are 768755-5005S and 727701-5013S respectively for Toyota and Hino applications. More detailed information is available in the online Product Search section of our new Aftermarket website.

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