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December 20, 2018

Train like a Pro: Installer Connect from Garrett – Advancing Motion got a new update!

If Level 1 Turbo Animations already raised your attention and you were in high anticipation for the next ones, you can now log in to Installer Connect and check the second-level course of education.

Take the time to test your knowledge related to CHRA and Turbo Bearing System and gain a new Installer Connect Certificate.

You can now post your success in the Social Media!

Each level of training completed enables a digital e-Badge which matches your level of expertise. Your e-badge is a record of achievement, communicate your success across your Social Media channels!

If you’ve already completed Level 1, you will find your e-Badge in “My account”, you just need to enable it and share it.

Available now: Bronze and Silver e-Badges!

CHRA Animation

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