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February 22, 2017

Swiss Transportation Authority Becomes 4th to Require Type-Approval Compliance For Replacement Turbos

Switzerland joins authorities in Germany, Spain and Italy in confirming non-original equipment turbochargers require emissions testing and certification to be used legally

Garrett  supports the recent opinion issued by the Swiss Federal Roads Office to include turbochargers among those auto parts requiring proper certification as a means of enforcing environmental targets, which can be compromised by non-genuine aftermarket parts.

The agency joins the German Federal Department of Transportation (BMVI), the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and the Italian Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile Milano as the fourth regulatory agency in Europe to make a statement in support of including turbochargers among those automotive components being type-approval relevant. In all four countries, a drop-in turbo generally requires a specific parts certification or vehicle inspection, potentially including a successful emissions test. This is an important consideration for garages and installers as they advise their customers.

In Switzerland, infringements can result in fines for those who make non-permitted modifications or who market vehicle parts that would result in non-permitted vehicle modifications. These fines can amount to a maximum of 10,000 Swiss Francs depending on the circumstances.

“The federal Swiss authority has made it quite clear that aftermarket parts must maintain the same standards for noise and exhaust gases as the certified factory vehicle,” said Eric Fraysse, Aftermarket vice president and general manager at Garrett. “This is an issue not just for the end consumer, but for all garages and installers who are the first line of defense against using replacement parts that do not allow the vehicle to perform as it was intended in terms of performance, poor fuel economy and emissions.”

Other countries are expected to also increase the focus on turbochargers as being emissions- and safety-relevant engine components that may not be freely exchanged with improper non-genuine parts.


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