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Reduce Turbo Misdiagnosis – and Cut Your Costs

Honeywell Introduces New Diagnosis Tool for Rotary Electronic Actuators.

Honeywell is launching a new tool to improve the diagnosis of suspected faults in turbochargers equipped with rotary electronic actuators. The diagnostic tool, called HandyCAN3, has been developed specifically for the aftermarket business by the company’s own team of electronic actuator specialists.

Honeywell is making this tool available exclusively to the authorized distributors of Garrett turbochargers, who will be able to test actuator or vehicle faults more quickly and easily. HandyCAN3 provides accurate testing of both intelligent (REA) and simple (SREA) rotary actuators – and will be a great addition to our distributors’ existing turbo diagnostic workshops. Moreover, its portability means it may also be used for on-vehicle turbo testing at a customer location – without the need to remove the turbo.

HandyCAN3 is a major step forward in a market where there is a growing misdiagnosis of turbo “faults”, due to ever-increasing engine sophistication and complexity. Honeywell’s own studies have shown that the typical error rate is between 40% to 50% in diagnosis of actuator “faults”, and the rate can be as high as 100% on some of the newer applications. Currently, the high, unnecessary cost of removing a “faulty” turbo, which is later found to be perfectly fine, is often absorbed by the service provider.

Take this opportunity to reduce the risk of misdiagnoses on electronic actuators in the future – try Honeywell’s new HandyCAN3 tester by contacting an authorized distributor in your country or region for further information. Remember, this is a proprietary diagnostic tool from Honeywell, and is only available through Honeywell authorized dealers.

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