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August 24, 2009

Re-Release of Garrett Mitsubishi X Turbo Kit

In April of 2009, the Garrett Turbocharger Upgrade for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X was released. In conjunction with this release, select Evo specialists were selected to test the turbo in a variety of applications including street use, drag racing, road courses and rally racing. Initial feedback from this group was overwhelming in the power gains they saw and the ease of installation; so we asked them to push the turbochargers further

We wanted them to be as aggressive as possible on these test turbochargers but as they turned up the boost, exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) reached unanticipated levels. Over extended periods of extreme driving, these elevated EGTs surpassed the tolerances of the turbocharger’s internal wastegate arm and valve assembly. This resulted in the wastegate arm warping away from the housing, therefore opening the wastegate port causing a subsequent loss in power. In turn, the warpage allowed the poppet valve to spin freely eventually machining itself off of the connecting rivet.

Honeywell engineers identified the problem and put an immediate halt on all production and sales of the Evo X-specific turbocharger until a solution could be designed and implemented.

The wastegate failure did NOT result in damage to any other turbocharger components other than the wastegate itself. The result of the failure was a loss of power.

Correction to Arm & Valve

There are two significant improvements on the re-released Garrett Turbocharger Upgrades.

First is a change of material in both the arm and valve. By moving to a stronger material, warping due to extreme temperatures is avoided.

Second is the anti-rotational design of the poppet valve. The valve is now prevented from spinning 360 degrees, making it impossible for the valve to machine itself off of the high temp rivet.

All new units of the Garrett Mitsubishi Evolution X Turbocharger Upgrades feature the enhanced arm and valve.

We are confident that the new arm and valve assembly will provide a turbocharger upgrade that is not only powerful, but reliable for years of service!

If you have any questions, please contact a Garrett Distributor for more information.


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