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New Honeywell Garrett authorized center appointment in France

Plateforme Préférence Technique has been appointed the new Honeywell Garrett authorized center becoming the third player in France able to market the Honeywell Garrett standard range.

Honeywell Garrett recently consolidated its coverage of the French market with the support of BTN Turbo, the official distributor in UK. This partnership was formalized at an event organized in Le Mans, bringing together more than 178 partners and 82 distributors.

Honeywell Garrett, which has opted for selective distribution, has been a partner of BTN Turbo for several years in Great Britain and has extended this agreement to the French territory.

What is a Honeywell Garrett® Authorized Center?

Only those companies who have the ability to support the broad reach and complexity of the Garrett® product line and have committed to supplying true Garrett products are certified to carry the Garrett Authorized Center mark. By contacting a GAC, you know you are getting first-fit, true Garrett product direct from the manufacturer.

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