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April 4, 2009

Mazworx/PRL Racing Nissan Silvia S15:NSCRA Win

Palm Beach, (FL) – The newly renovated Palm Beach International Raceway, formally known as Moroso Motorsports Park, played host to the inaugural event of the 2009 NSCRA (National Sport Compact Racing Association) event. Team Mazworks/PRL Racing was anxious to see how the car would handle the modifications made during the quiet off-season.
Arriving late Friday night for tech inspection, the team’s hopes for making a few test passes were dashed due to typical Floridian April weather and the off and on showers it brings. Saturday morning greeted the team to a welcome sight; tons of spectators already lined up ready to enter and take part in the first event of the season! The team unpacked and got the Garrett-powered S15 ready for its first trip down the strip.

First round of qualifying lined up the Nissan against the Tossas Racing Corolla. This looked like the best pass out of the car ever judging by the data received on the logs but unfortunately the way the other car was staged, a “timeout” on the light rendered the team unable to get a proper time slip.

Click here to see video of the pass

Second round of qualifying came with hopes of redemption and the team made ready to put on a show. Checking back over the data received on the previous pass, the team felt confident that this was it. Unfortunately, the car broke a finger off the clutch right after the initial launch and had no clutch to work with. Frustrated, the team brought the car back into the pits and tore the whole transmission apart to fix the broken part in less than an hour.

The team scrambled to reassemble the car before the final round of qualifying. Only through Herculean efforts, the Nissan came back together just in time to line up. This speed may have cost the team. Shortly after the burnout, it was apparent that something was not right with the transmission. Settling for only being able to make a 1-2 hit on the car, the team rolled back into the pits and took the transmission off and found a broken 5th dog gear. Once again, the team went to work in hopes or getting everything back together.

Round 1 of eliminations, proved a timing windfall as the team’s opponent failed to make the call, buying the team much needed time to fix the problem. Taking the light, driver Jason Greenwalt took the win.

Round 2 of eliminations netted a bye run, meaning a trip to the first finals for the team. Rather than celebrate, the team made the prudent decision to double check everything and put on a show for the crowd for the last run of the night.

The final round of eliminations pitted Greenwalt against Jerry Racing’s 4G63-powered Corolla. The opponents prepared to line up and it became immediately apparent that the Corolla was broken and couldn’t make it to stage under its own power. This didn’t stop the Mazworks/PRL Racing Nissan from putting on a show for the crowd with its 6th pass on the car in less than 8hrs.

Click here to see video of the finals


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