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April 13, 2022

Krispy Media’s 700-Horsepower Subaru Legacy Wagon is All Show and All Go with a Garrett Turbo

By Ainsley Jacobs

Krispy Media’s Chris P. built this 700hp Subaru Legacy wagon as a slammed show car with tons of Garrett turbocharged power.

When Chris Petruccio gets an idea, he goes all in. So, when the creator of Krispy Media decided to transform the 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon that first served as the rolling film studio which helped establish his career, he did it up in a big way by making big power with a Garrett turbocharger.

Petruccio had the sport wagon on the dyno with basic bolt-ons and a GrimmSpeed stage 3 power package and saw 265 horsepower. He wanted more – a lot more – and partnered with the team at Area1320 Motorworks in Pennsylvania for a complete overhaul to make it happen.

Starting with an IAG Magnum EJ25 engine block with matching CNC-ported IAG stage 4 heads, Area1320’s Subaru specialists assembled the complete bullet and then installed it in the wagon. Next, the AMS Performance intake manifold with its massive plenums was attached.

The flat-four boxer engine was then paired with a ball bearing Garrett GTX3576R Gen II small-frame turbocharger, able to support up to 750-horsepower, in front-mounted configuration to allow it to peek out through the Legacy’s grill.

Aiming to show the Subaru in the 2019 SEMA Show’s Toyo Tires Tread Pass display, Petruccio sent the wagon out to get painted with a gorgeous House of Kolor Razberry hue. A set of super clean Rotiform wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber and set with massive negative camber finished up the perfectly stanced out and slammed appearance of the show car.

The Show was a success and Petruccio’s Legacy GT received a ton of praise. He was curious to see how its performance would match up to its appearance, though, and brought it back to Area1320 a few months later for a dedicated dyno day.

Strapped to the rollers on the all-wheel drive dyno, the first few sessions were spent perfecting the tune up for 93-octane pump gas. An initial pull in the mid 300-range eventually capped out with a whopping 502-horsepower being put to all four wheels through the Spec B six-speed manual transmission and ACT clutch.

The guys were hungry for more, so they swapped the fuel over to E85 ethanol and got started with the fun part of the program. Utilizing a Cobb Tuning flex fuel sensor kit and dialing in the curves the Garrett GTX3576R turbo pushed the Subaru Legacy GT wagon’s power up and up. From 541-horsepower, the numbers crept higher with each pull until the DeatschWerks fuel injectors approached their limits. The final result was an impressive 657.6-horsepower and 522.9-pound-feet of torque.

The next day, though, Area1320 installed a set of DeatschWerks 2,200cc/min fuel injectors and put the Krispy Media Legacy GT on the dyno for one last try… and the result was 683.2-horsepower and 584.8-torque with flames popping out of the Vibrant titanium exhaust.

To celebrate the jaw-dropping performance of his phenomenal wagon, Petruccio proceeded to take the Subaru on a 10,000-mile road trip photo tour extravaganza to commemorate the incredible build.

VEHICLE: 2005 Subaru Legacy GT
ENGINE: IAG Magnum Subaru EJ25 4-cylinder boxer
TURBO: Garrett GTX3576R Gen II turbocharger
TRANSMISSION: Spec B six-speed transmission
POWER: 683
USED FOR: street, show

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