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January 31, 2022

Jiaqi Zhang: China’s Top Circuit Racer Endorsement Of Garrett Turbochargers

Jiaqi Zhang: China’s Top Circuit Racer Endorsement Of Garrett Turbochargers

Racer name: Jiaqi Zhang

·       More than 14 years of racing experience and senior refitted car enthusiast

·       Double record holders of China’s fastest record and maximum horsepower

·       2017 fast4ward linear race year-end finals champion

·       UP racer and founder, one of the top racing companies in China

·       Founder of professional refitted company

Garrett G series video:

At present, the demand for refitted vehicles is mainly to improve the power of the vehicle. How can turbocars improve the power? The main thing is to choose a suitable turbocharger. Jiaqi Zhang first recommends Garrett G series turbocharged performance parts. This series of products adopts advanced aerodynamic design and ball bearing technology to perfectly balance efficiency and performance. Nowadays, in foreign racing competitions, many teams and drivers have used G-Series, and domestic teams and auto turning stores are also using them. “It is a very popular product, so I strongly recommend you to use it. Buy it, you right choice!” Jiaqi Zhang highly recommends.

Garrett Powermax video:

Car enthusiast who want to refit must be very concerned about how to improve the engine power without changing the engine compartment. For  this demand, he strongly recommends using Garrett Powermax series turbochargers. This is an original modified product, which is very convenient to replace and not easy to make mistakes in installation. Powermax series is developed and tested by Garrett’s moving parts department and European professional refitted vehicle company. It takes into account the performance and stability, and matches the electronic parts of the original vehicle at the same time. For example, Garrett is currently promoting the third generation modified product of Volkswagen engine EA888. This product adopts the material with the highest temperature resistance at present, with temperature resistance up to 1050 degrees. It adopts G25-660 ball bearing, and the electronic control components are completely matched with the original vehicle.

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