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September 29, 2020

Jackie Ding’s 615WHP Time Attack A90 Toyota Supra

The A90 Toyota Supra is one of the hottest current vehicle platforms on the market thanks in part to its turbocharged inline 6 engine and rear wheel drive 8-speed transmission. The 3.0L BMW B58 engine platform boasts 382 horsepower from the factory at 6500 RPM and 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. Its closed deck, direct injection, 11.0:1 compression ratio block features 4 valves per cylinder and variable valve timing making this an extremely efficient engine. Efficient engines are even better with efficient turbochargers and that’s what Jackie Ding saw first hand when upgrading the factory turbo to the new AMS Performance turbo kit that uses the Garrett GTX3076R Gen II turbo. 

AMS Performance designed their A90 Toyota Supra turbo system to make big power while retaining the factory fueling system. When the car hit the dyno it made 615 WHP and 550 ft-lb of torque on MS109 fuel without port injection or water methanol injection. This the “Super Kill Tune” as Jackie calls it and only used when he needs to make up extra time on track in order to clock a fast time on track.

See the 615 WHP / 550 ft-lb dyno pulls in the video below

 Watch Jackie on track at Road America


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