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June 15, 2012

Garrett Turbo Business Receives Top Supplier Award from Ford

Garrett Turbo Technologies recently received Ford’s silver-level World Excellence Award in recognition of their outstanding performance in 2011 in key areas including on-time delivery, quality and corporate responsibility. The silver-level award was presented to only 24 suppliers at Ford Motor Company’s 14th annual World Excellence Awards event.

“Meeting our customers’ needs in terms of quality and delivery is critically important,” said Garrett President and CEO. “Our team in Atessa has proven that they understand what it takes to be a world-class supplier and I’m proud of their efforts which led to this award. I extend my congratulations to Atessa’s plant manager Michele Ranieri for his outstanding leadership and to the entire team for their hard work. Your efforts are clearly making a difference.”

In 2011, the Atessa plant had an average of 99.5% on-time delivery and 6 PPM for the half-million turbos they supplied to Ford. This was possible thanks to the robust teamwork between Garrett’s Atessa team and Ford’s respective teams. They worked together on a daily basis to standardize their work processes and proactively approach potential issues while dealing with changes and implementing new products. This teamwork also led to 0 PPM levels in the Puma Global applications since the start of production in September 2010.

“This award recognizes all of the little things we do every day to satisfy our customers,” said Plant Manager Michele Ranieri. “Earning this award from Ford is a tremendous achievement on behalf of the entire team. In addition to being proud of our team for this achievement, I am excited by the fact that we all continue to grow and improve every day.”

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