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July 24, 2012

Garrett Team: TiC takes a podium, a podium!

TiC takes a podium, a podium, and… well… not quite.After many months of non-stop work, exhaustion, rework, planning, drawing, fabricating and assembly Turn In Concepts finally debuted the fast car for the 2012 season when this past weekend the team packed up and headed over to Virginia International Raceway for the annual running of Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge.

The UTCC is a come as you are, almost anything goes, all out brawl for bragging rights as to who has the biggest, baddest, fastest, meanest track car in the country. After the past two years of disappointment in not being able to crack the hallowed 2:00 mark at VIR the team was out for blood.

And blood was had. Vipers, Corvettes, BMWs, FRS, and most other comers fell before the might of our growling beast of a car!!!

With a time of 1:57.34 the team put up a fight strong enough to result in a 3rd place overall finish, along with taking home multiple bottles of champagne for fastest AWD and fastest 4 cylinder engine.

The team wasn’t done though as piggybacking onto UTCC was a NASA time trial event. With a minimum of 5 starts needed to attend NASA nationals at Mid-Ohio in the fall the team stuck around to get a couple more days of racing and some much needed starts. With a little bit of fine tuning the team was able to squeeze out a time of 1:57.2 for a first place finish in the TTR class before a suspension component failure made for a short day.
Still in need of a start Sunday morning the team prepared the backup car to do go forth and do battle. After some judicious application of stickers, a transponder, and some air in the tires Mrs. Wiesenhahn got to see her bone stock Subaru Legacy GT take to the track and turn a not quite so blistering 2:35.

Despite the off due to the suspension the weekend was still outstanding for the team, and none of this would be possible without the support of the following people:
TiC’s fans and customers
Tony Wiesenhahn for his crazy piloting abilities
Dan @ RaceTuned for his outstanding tuning and support
Micah @ 3MI Racing for engine development and support
Turbo by Garrett for their absolute beast GTX3582R turbocharger
Fragola fluid systems for all the great hoses and fittings used throughout the car
AEM for their ECU and data logging equipment
StopTech for their outstanding big brake kits, and awesome race pads
DXD Racing Clutches for their new setup that let us put the power down
DeatschWerks for their new 2200cc Bosch EV14 injectors that ran flawlessly
Supertech for their great valvetrain parts and support
Pure Tuning for letting us ruin a Sunday by letting us borrow their dyno
James Schadler for helping out with some fabrication tasks
Our families for putting up with our being gone and being constantly fixated on nothing but the race car.


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