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June 14, 2012

Garrett Team Lutz breaks ET / MPH record at NMCA

From Lutz Racing; Driver Bill Lutz: Pro Street Camaro
We came into the latest NMCA race at MIR with a less than stellar result from our last race in GA where it dropped a valve and had numerous other issue, we have busted our tails to get our car back up and running to the level we expect it to run at. Since the last race we had the great guys at Stainless Works cut the headers apart and rewelded them, took the engine apart and fixed everything, changed the rear gear in the car and rebuilt the shocks.

We unloaded the car and made a quick test run and was very pleased with the results of our efforts of a shut off pass of 6.65@170MPH. Friday night Round 1 of qualifying comes around and we go #1 with a NMCA National Record Setting pass of 6.01@246.64 if we back it up, Round 2 we had a issue where we didn’t judge the track properly and it was too good even being over 140 degrees and made the car shake.

Fast forward to round 3 of qualifying, The car leaves the starting line and makes a move to the left I’m able to stay with it and run another NMCA record setting pass but this time quicker and faster than the run before, this time we ran a 5.97@247.43 which is also the record for the fastest pass ever made at MIR by any Pro Mod car period so we now own both ends of the National Record in NMCA Pro Street. This is a huge because no turbo car has ever held both ends of the record of even won a race with a opponent in the other lane.

We made it through eliminations to meet up with Jeff Lutz (no relation) in the finals and when the green lights came on the car took off like it was on a mission for the finish line and even with a pedal job it still went 6.09@242 to take the win and I’m sure just the first of many more still to come.

The GTX series turbos are leaps and bounds above any brand of turbo we’ve ever had on our car making more boost with less back pressure.

Thanks again and I’m so glad we could take Turbos by Garrett to the winners circle and the record books.

Watch the video here:


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