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January 1, 2018

Garrett Motion Information on Non-Authorized Turbo Interchanges

It has been brought to our attention that some customers have been interchanging 713672 and 713673 part numbers with different Garrett part numbers or turbos from other manufacturers. We’d like to remind you that Garrett® VNT™ turbos are highly complex units, engineered and calibrated to meet the exacting performance parameters of automotive manufacturers. They deliver optimum performance and ensure high reliability. These engineering complexities cannot be compromised. Turbos within the Garrett range may look similar and turbos from other manufacturers may also resemble Garrett Motion turbo units – however, they all differ from one another in many ways. The major differences lie inside the turbos, where aerodynamics, materials and calibration are set uniquely for each application.

The key differences for each turbo model include:

  • Specific aerodynamic characteristics. The sizes of the inlets and outlets for both exhaust gas and air may be very different from one application to another, as could the high speed turbine and compressor wheel specifications.
  • Materials. Different materials combinations are used for wheel and housing castings in order to withstand the high operational temperatures and specific running conditions of each application.
  • Power and torque ratings. These are set specifically for each turbo application.
  • Emissions standards. Each turbo takes into account the requirements of particular emissions standards – whether Euro II, III or IV.
  • Design and performance. Each generation of VNT™ turbo is unique in being matched to specific engines and should not be interchanged. A first generation VNT™ turbo (Step 1) should not be used to replace a second generation VNT™ turbo (Step 2) and vice versa. For example 713672 is a VNT™ Step 1 and includes a nozzle assembly which holds 9 moveable vanes, whilst 713673 is a VNT™ Step 2 with a nozzle assembly holding 11 moveable vanes. However, externally these turbos appear almost identical!

Any attempt at using the wrong turbo replacement model – whether a different Garrett part number or non genuine product- could lead to potentially serious problems, such as:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased regulated exhaust emissions – violation of national emissions regulations
  • Reduced performance
  • Increased exhaust gas temperatures – leading to potential damage to the turbo ( housing cracking and wheel damage) and the engine
  • Conflict with the engine management system (ECU) if changing a turbo designed for non DPF engines with one designed for DPF engines (or vice versa)
  • Violation of national laws in terms of part homologation

Please only proceed with turbo interchanges when this has been specifically approved by Garrett. In general, when you need a replacement turbo, make sure you choose the exact matching part number and specify only original Garrett® VNT™ turbochargers!

Contact an authorized distributor in your country or region for further information or advice.

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