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September 23, 2019

Garrett Drag Racers Take On The Shakedown At Virginia Motorsports Park

It doesn’t get much more competitive than heads up drag racing! The Shakedown Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park presented by COMP Cams planned to rock the house with the best in the world on big and small tires! Tyler Crossnoe and his team did just that!  With payouts totaling over $100,000 this event brought out all the heavy hitters in classes such as Pro Modified, Radial vs. The World, Outlaw 10.5, X275, Limited Drag Radial, and more! Garrett powered racers brought out their cars to take a stab at the purse and to make some passes on their cars. Here’s a gallery of the Garrett team from our media partner E3xtreme!   

Result Summary:

Pro Modified       | Carl Stevens Jr.  | 3.743 sec 1/8th mile at 216.13mph

Radial Vs World | Mark Micke         | 3.869 sec 1/8th mile at 212.26mph

Radial Vs World | Marty Stinnett     | 3.727 sec 1/8th mile at 205.54mph

Radial Vs World | Dave Adkins       | 4.094 sec 1/8th mile at 184.27mph

Outlaw 10.5       | Blake Copson     | 3.837 sec 1/8th mile at 208.42mph

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