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June 8, 2022

G45 Dyno Results On A 2JZ Powered RX7 FD

Logan Tarrant from the ClapdOut YouTube Chanel gets his 2JZ powered RX7 FD Dyno tuned. This is a really unique build we are excited to be partnered with in an effort to share the performance of the new Garrett G45-1500 turbocharger. On 48LBS of boost, the car made 1091 wheel horsepower!

Do we recommend trying this on a stock engine? No. But if you are looking to make this level of power with a 2JZ here’s what Logan did to beef up the motor to support the horsepower. 2JZGE with Manley pistons and rods, Real Street billet main caps, short block by Don at Accelerated Performance, Haltech Nexus R5, Dynosty for the tune, PTC converter, Ignite E90 fuel, Aeromotive 10GPM pump and a powerglide transmission. Make sure you watch the video below and give it a like!


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