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June 30, 2020

G Series Turbo Technology Analysis: Motive Video

The G Series turbocharger lineup launched in 2018 with the G25-550 and G25-660 offerings, and in two years has grown to a nearly full product lineup that offers a 1500 horsepower range out of a mid-sized turbocharger. The G25, G30, G35, and G42 turbos are engineered to provide high flowing, high efficiency boost to engines up to 7.0L. For all of the Garrett Performance turbochargers please visit our website or click this hyperlink. 

New compressor wheel aerodynamics increase air flow up to 25% compared to the GTX Gen II product line meaning an engine can make more power at the same boost levels or less boost to make the same power. G Series turbochargers are designed with dual ceramic ball-bearings to support the rotor group and provide extreme durability. With any new design, you will see changes in where the turbocharger produces its most efficient air and the image below compares compressor efficiency of the G Series G35-1050 with the GTX3584RS. At 60-90 lbs/min of air flow and 2.5 – 3.5 pressure ratio, the G35 will have a higher efficiency that the GTX3584. Needless to say, the G Series turbochargers are more efficient at the higher limits of the compressor map and are better suited for high boost applications.

Newly designed turbine wheel aerodynamics improve turbine wheel flow by 5% and support an additional +0.5L more engine displacement compared to GTX turbos. Increases in turbine flow and efficiency mean your engine will flow more exhaust with less backpressure. G25, G30, and G35 turbine wheels are constructed with Mar-M alloy, which has a higher heat rating of 1050C / 1922F compared to Inconel which is used in GTX products as well as other turbo manufactures.

This chart plots the broad range the G Series turbochargers span

Standard and reverse rotation turbos, or commonly referred to as mirrored turbos are available in the G25, G30, and G35 product lines to offer additional installation configurations or as a left and right-side turbo for V-engine twin turbo systems that are looking for symmetry.

In the video below, you can hear more about the G Series product line from Andrew at Motive Video. Like, follow, and subscribe to Andrew’s channel for more on automotive tech and some of Australia’s hottest cars.

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