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September 11, 2019

Drift With George Kiriakopoulos In His Turbocharged 2JZ Powered Nissan 370Z

George Kiriakopoulos is a talented Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver going into his 3rd professional Formula Drift season. This Las Vegas, NV based racer and car builder spends his down time building drift cars for other racers and enthusiasts. George’s 2019 chassis is a turbocharged 2JZ powered Nissan 370Z with a brand-new Fly 1 Motorsports carbon Fiber 370Z Niko kit giving it an aggressive wide-body stance.


The 370Z is running a 3.0L 2JZGTE VVTI power plant boosted by a Garrett GTX3582R Gen II turbocharger and a T4 1.06A/R turbine housing. The engine remains mostly stock with only a few upgrades to the valve springs, ARP head studs, and copper head gasket. George says, “The 2JZ is one of the best engines for drifting and for high horsepower applications. The head flows so well when left stock and it already has a turbo on it from the factory so upgrading the turbo and making big power is easy.”


The GTX3582R Gen II makes 630 horsepower at 7000RPM on 30 Lbs of boost!   

The GTX3582R Gen II makes 630 horsepower at 7000RPM on 30 Lbs of boost!

The GTX3582R Gen II is a great choice for the 2JZGTE engine because the (66 68 mm) compressor to turbine wheel combination provides big power and quick boost response. The power curve provides sufficient boost at a wide range of RPMs needed for drift events.

“My favorite part about turbo’s are the noise. My GTX3582R sounds like a jet engine, says Kiriakopoulos”.

George can be seen at events like Formula Drift, Grid Life, Vegas Drift, or practice your drifting digitally with GK’s 370Z on your iphone or android in Torque Drift the mobile phone video game. You can also keep up with George on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and event updates.



Vehicle Information

Social Media:

Team Name: Modified Performance




Y/M/M: 2014 Nissan 370Z

Competition: Formula Drift Pro 2

Fuel: Thunderbolt E85


Engine :


Bore & Stroke (mm) / Displacement (cc): 3.39 inches, motor: 182.9 cubic inches, 3 liter

Peak Horsepower / Torque(@ RPM): 700 @7,800 rpm 624 ft lbs @6800 rpm

Dyno Type: Mustang dyno jet

Engine Builder: PSI Portland

Block Modifications: Stock

Pistons / Compression Ratio: Pistons : 9.5.1 stock

Connecting Rods / Crank: Connecting rods / crank: stock

Cylinder Head Modifications: Brian Crower valve retainers and springs

Intake Manifold / Throttle Body: Stock

Exhaust Manifold: custom fabricated by Trophy Designs

Exhaust System / Downpipe: custom fabricated by Trophy Designs

Wastegate: Tialsport MV-R 44mm

Blow-Off Valve: Tialsport Q BOV 50mm

Engine Management System: Link ECU Fury

Engine Management Tuner: Kyle Tuned It

Boost Controller: Link electronic boost controller


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