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Honeywell’s Turbo Technology Improves Powertrain Performance and Fuel Economy of China Passenger Vehicles

More than 50% of New Vehicles at Auto China show apply Turbo Technology

April 27, 2018, Beijing, China — Driven by the pending China National VI regulatory standard and passenger vehicle Dual Score policy, fuel economy has become a driving force in determining powertrain technology roadmaps for passenger vehicles in China. Honeywell’s turbocharging portfolio is helping numerous auto makers develop highly efficient turbocharged gasoline engines for many stylish vehicles on display at Auto China 2018.

As a turbo technology innovator and leader for more than 60 years, Honeywell Transportation Systems has helped auto makers improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions without sacrificing engine performance. Honeywell also has more than 20 years of experience meeting the specific and diverse industry needs in China with full end-to-end design and engineering capabilities, research and development, and testing labs. Today, Honeywell supplies a broad product portfolio of gasoline turbo applications in China ranging from 0.8L to 2.0L engine sizes.

The first localized application of Honeywell’s global twin-scroll turbo technology debuted this week at Auto China. By optimizing the exhaust gas pulsation from a four-cylinder engine, the twin-scroll turbo improves torque performance at low engine speeds for powerful launch capabilities. One of the first applications of this technology helped a global SUV brand set a world-leading record for maximum torque at 400 Nm, and maximum power of 195 kW.

Honeywell’s third generation of small gasoline engine turbo technology debuted at the show in the Geely 1.0 TD engine. This is not only a first for Honeywell in China, but it marks the launch of the technology developed by Honeywell’s China engineering team for future global applications.

Thanks to the new generation’s innovative Z-ultra bearing system, engine power and fuel economy are improved while noise has been significantly reduced. The new bearing system helps reduce bearing power consumption by 50 percent, thus increasing efficiency while enhancing transient response significantly. By deploying the turbo, the Geely engine has achieved the world leading standard with a power rating of 100Kw/L and toque of 205Nm/L – approximately the same level of a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine.

Popularity among multitudes of renowned car companies at Auto China demonstrates an industry recognition for Honeywell’s turbo technology. “The popularity of our technology with so many vehicles on display at Auto China speaks to the value of our ‘East for East’ strategy,” says Pierre Barthelet, Chief Commercial Excellence and Strategy Officer of Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Chinese OEMs are keen on engine displacements at 1.6L and below but want the advantages of four-cylinder petrol engine technologies. Based on Chinese customers’ technical requirements, we specifically developed the smaller twin-scroll technology for high-performance 1.5L engine customers. Our capabilities in China will drive our ability to provide innovative technologies and solutions for China, as well as Japan and Korea.”

China gasoline turbo penetration has reached about 50 percent. In Auto China, about 66 percent new launched vehicles with a combustion engine have adopted a turbo. IHS, a global data and information research institution, predicts that two-thirds of new passenger vehicles in China will have a turbo by 2025, in which most of the hybrid vehicles are included.

Charles Jin, vice president & general manager of Honeywell Transportation Systems in China, said, “Honeywell has the most widespread turbo portfolio in the world. We bring innovative technologies for the fast-growing New Energy Vehicle segment as well as for autonomous driving, electric turbos, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and connected vehicle solutions in China.”





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