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Combustion and Boosting synergies for WLTP and Beyond

Author: P.Davies, D.Jeckel JS Roux, L.Pohorelsky | Garrett Motion | Honeywell Transportation Systems


  • Honeywell remains committed to Diesel.
  • Mono, TwoStage & Electrified Solutions available for Eu6d (CF1,0+0,5)


  • MGT Gen 3 Launched in multiple applications in 2017
  • New ECO Gas engines are emerging eg. Miller / VNT is one solution in A, B & C segments
  • Cooler EGR, Water Injection & VCR also emerging. MGT Gen 4 is ready.
  • LEAN is posing new transient challenges as the next step in Gasoline Fuel Economy


  • eCharger provides ultimate Performance and Fun to Drive (dependant on SOC)
  • eTurbo excellent transient enabler (Monostage) and high potential as LP Stage (TwoStage)
  • eTurbo with Advance Compressor competes with Turbo/eCharger system & Recuperates

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