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Boosting system considerations for a Fuel Cell based HD Commercial Vehicle

Boosting system considerations for a Fuel Cell based HD Commercial Vehicle

Co-authors: Sujeet Nagaraj Vankayala, Nathaniel Bontemps, Philippe De Araujo, Ryoken Matsuzaki – Garrett Motion


Fuel cell powered hybrid trucks are a preferred choice with long haul operations due to longer range, low weight penalty compared to a battery electric powered trucks and shorter refueling time. Higher power density which further supports this advantage, is attained by boosting the fuel cell stack but brings forth its own challenges and trade-offs. The boosting system is a substantial consumer of around 10-15% of the gross fuel cell stack power and focused efforts are made to minimize its impact on fuel consumption.

This study covers the different options available in turbomachinery based boosting systems, their selection criteria, and constraints thereof. Different configurations include Single stage compressor, Compress-Expander systems with expanders of a free float and variable nozzle turbines. The assessments are conducted at sub-system (Fuel cell compressor), system level & vehicle level simulations, based on regulatory cycles.



Publisher: French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA)

Publication date: 14 – 15 June 2023, at the SIA Powertrain International Congress and Exhibition, Paris, France