Certified by vehicle OEM’s with up to 3 years durability & 150.000 km road test. Every turbo is produced from original line with guaranteed consistency.


Superior driveability as good as the new vehicle, up to 40% better low end torque than non-original turbos.


Compliant with original emission setting, up to 28% less NOx and 4% less CO2 on fuel economy.


Piloting turbo into automotive industry and pioneering by new technologies, powering over 100 million vehicles from top OEM’s on the road.

There are more than 100 million gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars around the world boosted by Garrett turbos

“We don’t just make turbos…we build peace of mind”

All Garrett turbos meet the rigorous standards of auto makers, with each one manufactured and calibrated to original equipment specification and certified to perform reliably for three years or up to 150,000km. This is critical, given that some systems rotate at 300,000 rpm and operate in temperatures up to 1050oC. “This promise of reliability and performance forms a bond of trust between Garrett Aftermarket and its distributors, with auto service centers and garages, with turbo technicians and, by extension, with car owners,” said Romain Perrier, Global Sales Director, Garrett Aftermarket.
“The Garrett brand is synonymous with world-leading innovation and quality – and stands in stark contrast to the reputational and business risks being run by some garages choosing to use low cost, non-OE quality turbos and copycat units.”
Some copy turbos have been known to fail within hours of installation – with catastrophic engine damage. Bearing problems are commonplace, and bolts joining the turbine housing to the center housing have been known to ‘relax’, resulting in gas leakage, mechanical damage and oil contamination of the catalytic converter or DPF system. Tests also show that compared to non-OE turbos, certified Garrett replacement technology can help boost high-end torque by 15-40% and contribute to 28% less NOx and 4% lower CO2. Garrett turbos are also 100% guaranteed for compatibility with a vehicle’s engine management system. Said Romain Perrier: “Our Aftermarket business is underpinned by the success of our original technology, but it’s also about investment in global capacity and service through seven technical support centers, five distribution centers and more than 190 distributors worldwide. This means that no matter where in the world a service center or garage is located, a Garrett replacement turbo is always within easy reach.
“We do all this because we don’t just make turbos…we build peace of mind.”