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June 12, 2019

SIA Power Train & Electronics, Paris 2019

The 2019 SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS Conference in Paris, will address the complete powertrain technology spectrum from conventional powertrain to full EV, covering, of course, any level of hybridization in between. Garrett – Advancing Motion will be present through Jean-Sébastien Roux in Advisory Board Powertrain and Nathaniel Bontemps presenting Electric Turbo  – A key technology to achieve Euro 7 Hybridized Powertrain paper.

An industry benchmark 2L gasoline engine and large SUV vehicle were chosen to demonstrate the potential of a rightsized electrified turbocharger in a premium but mainstream application. Garrett selected an Audi Q7 with an EA888 gen3 LK2 which is available in series production rated at 370 Nm Torque from 1600 rpm to 4500 rpm and 185 kW from 5000 rpm to 6000 rpm. The project is a collaboration between Garrett – Advancing Motion and IAV GmbH, Berlin with the kind support and assistance of Audi, Ingolstadt.

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