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December 9, 2021

Series Compressors – Ultra High Pressure Ratio and Map Width In a Single Turbocharger

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Garrett’s Peter Davies – Senior Director Powertrain, explains how TwoStage compression and interstage cooling can lead to significant fuel economy from a high-power density gasoline engine in a heavily hybridized vehicle. The expert will also outline Garrett’s progress and forecast where such turbochargers might be used in the future.

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5 topics and key takeaways

  • Find out how to achieve significant fuel economy in (x)HEVs
  • Learn about SC-VNT & Interstage Cooling, a compact TwoStage compression system that offers PR~6 (pressure ratio) without the need for a second turbine
  • Discover how the technology enables ultra-high levels of millerization and can facilitate thermal brake efficiencies of 42.5% @ over 100kW/L
  • Find out how to achieve fuel efficiency improvements of up to 6.5% in WLTC and 8% in RDE in a P2 48V MHEV
  • Learn how SC-VNT & Interstage Cooling can be applied to all spark ignition engines that are limited in BMEP by the phenomenon of “knock”


Serial Compressor Turbos (SC-VNT and SC-WG)

Our Serial Compressor turbochargers unlock new possibilities of best-in-class performance and fuel economy. They offer Two-stage boost on a single shaft and are ideal for high power density gasoline engines for hybrids.

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