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September 20, 2022 – September 21, 2022

Dresden Supercharging Conference

Garrett Motion will present a technical paper entitled  “The role of E-Boosting in future emission legislations” at the 26th Dresden Supercharging Conference, on September 20-21.

Technical Paper

The role of E-Boosting in future emission legislations

Authors: Surya Yadla, Jens Keuler, Malay Maniar, Daniel Terber and Peter Davies

Future emission legislations worldwide will increasingly focus on compliance across increasingly wider ranges of boundary conditions and operating points. In general this means control of multiple harmful species in real-time such as cold start, wide ranging ambient temperatures and pressures both in steady-state and in transient conditions. While the legislation generally prescribes tailpipe emissions, an OEM and it’s partners have choices to make in how to divide the final task between the raw emission of the engine and the efficiency and reliance placed upon the Exhaust Aftertreatment System (EATS). It’s necessary to develop Engines and EATS concurrently in order to innovate robust systems that both cover all operating modes, make efficient use of precious materials and are cost effect.

One promising solution for “cold start” and “light out” is the use of Secondary Air Injection (SAI). The technology has been implemented in series production for some time now in markets like the USA for SULEV. As regulations tighten in Europe (RDE, extended boundary conditions) it’s use is once again being brought into focus for Eu7. The industry is finding however that the existing systems and components need considerable upgrade and adaption if they are to be successful under the future extended boundary conditions. Hybrid powertrains are becoming the norm, opening the way to advanced EATS layouts which could include electrically heated catalysts and ammonia slip catalysts. This paper attempts to address these requirements and showcase how Electric boosting products (E-Compressors & E-Turbos) can both help to reduce raw emission, minimizing the sizing of future EATS and how they can be used to assist the EATS reach it’s window of peak efficiency quickly and hence help to meet the future emission legislation.

Publisher: 26th Dresden Supercharging Conference on September 20-21, 2022


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