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February 26, 2019

6th International Engine Congress 2019

At the 6th International Engine Congress 2019, in Baden-Baden Germany, Peter Davies Senior Director Powertrain, Garrett – Advancing Motion, France will present within PC Engine Technology − Auditorium (Basement) within ELECTRIFICATION session the “eTurbo – a key technology to achieve performance and energy efficiency while respecting Lambda 1
Coauthors: Denis Jeckel, Nathaniel Bontemps, Daniele Zecchetti, all Garrett, France/Germany

Starting hour is 15:45 PM

More information can be found here

Electric & Hybrid solutions

Garrett is supporting the industry’s pursuit of improved fuel economy and emissions with innovations integrating a new era of electric products with traditional mechanical applications. Demand for alternative energy sources like hydrogen continues to grow amid tightening emissions regulations. Increasingly stringent CO2 emissions and the need to reduce dependency on fossil fuels are quickly creating demand for alternate sources of energy.

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