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Vehicle Cybersecurity Solutions

We make connected cars cyber-resilient and compliant, advancing vehicle security

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Become Cyber-Secure with Garrett

A vehicle fleet cyber-attack can cost billions in recalls, damaged stock price, loss of customer loyalty and confidence. Implementing an efficient vehicle cybersecurity solution is one of the auto industry’s most critical challenges, and the threat is growing – by 2025 majority of sold vehicles will be connected. This exponential rise of in-vehicle connectivity grows the amount of cyber-attack surfaces, making them more attractive targets to hackers.

Garrett’s cybersecurity offerings help car manufacturers to secure their vehicles and meet UNECE R155 regulations. Read this article and find out more about the importance of the cyber solutions for connected vehicles.

Make your fleet CYBER-safe with Garrett

From concept to reality, developed and tested entirely in-house by world-class engineering and cyber experts, Garrett connected vehicle solutions help you to:

  • Safeguard connected vehicle integrity,
  • Prevent attacks to occur,
  • Ensure regulation compliance,
  • Cope with onboard resource constraints,
  • Identify attack root causes.

Pioneering cyber technology to safeguard your vehicle’s performance and integrity.

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