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Garrett Original Reman

Garrett Original Reman turbos are remanufactured to deliver price-competitive original equipment performance for older vehicles. A sustainable innovation that breathes new life into market-leading original equipment.

Technology with sustainability at its core

The Garrett® brand is synonymous with quality, performance, and reliability. Our Reman range brings these same benefits to replacement turbo technologies for older vehicles, with a focus on value for money and durability.

Why customers choose Garrett Original Reman?


We offer the widest product range for vehicles 7 years or older.


Equivalent original turbo performance at a lower price point.


Turbo technology restored and recalibrated to original specification.


Peace-of-mind with our comprehensive warranty.


A Garrett Aftermarket turbo is never far away.

Garrett Reman – Original Performance Restored

Each Garrett® Original Reman turbo is re-assembled, recalibrated and inspected to the same specifications as original new parts. Replacement components, such as actuators, compressor wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings, piston ring seals, bolts and clamps – including upgraded parts – ensure equivalent original performance.

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Explore Garrett Original Reman Range


Garrett Reman turbos cover a wide range of applications, from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to heavy duty trucks and on-and-off highway vehicles.


Garrett’s world-leading Aftermarket portfolio is brimming with original and replacement technologies.

  • Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT) – Turbine wheel exhaust flow control results in higher torque, more power, better transient response and cleaner combustion.
  • Dual-stage – VNT paired with wastegate or free-floating turbos helps boost premium engine performance.
  • Wastegate – A turbine exhaust gas bypass controls boost pressure, regulates turbo speed and improves engine efficiency.
  • Free floating – Advanced aerodynamics and bearing systems help improve fuel efficiency in large off-highway commercial applications.

Fuel type applications

Garrett Reman turbos are available across a wide range of gasoline and diesel, CNG, LPG, NG, Ethanol engines.

All Reman turbos benefit from Garrett’s unique technical knowledge and production know-how to deliver units perfectly matched to engine management systems and emissions standards.

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Turbo Catalog

Take the easy route to finding the correct turbo by searching our comprehensive catalog.


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Where to Buy

Get your hands on your Garrett turbo via our global expert distributor network.

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