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1월 28, 2011

Garrett Matching App Naming Contest

Imagine the ability to match a turbocharger to an engine in a matter of minutes, all in the palm of your hand! Garrett by Honeywell is finalizing testing on its upcoming iPhone/iPad app that will narrow down your turbocharger choices based on your individual inputs and even plot RPM points on Garrett compressor maps.
For a quick rundown of the app, check out 
This app is going to be called…
Well, actually that’s where we need your help. We just can’t think of a great name for it, but we’re convinced you can!


So here are the steps to make it happen:

  1. Think of a great name for the Garrett Turbocharger calculator/matcher/selector/recommender/thing
  2. Send that great name to before 4 p.m. Pacific Time on 1/27/2011.
  3. We’ll choose the top names and post them each on our page at!/pages/Turbo-By-Garrett/46944410102 on 1/28/2011.
  4. Go in and vote for your favorite by “liking” it from 1/28/2011 through 8:30 a.m. Pacific time on 1/31/2011.
  5. The person who submits the name with the most Likes will win a Garrett prize pack.

What do I get if I win?

    • – (1) 5’x3’ Garrett Turbochargers banner
    • – (1) Garrett T-shirt
    • – (1) Garrett hat
    • – (1) Garrett catalog
    • – (1) Garrett travel mug
    • – (1) Tiny plastic turbo, not for use on vehicle
    • – (1) Giant not-really-good-for-anything-but-looks-pretty-cool billet wheel
    • – (1) Garrett lanyard
    • – (2) Turbo By Garrett patches
    • – (3) Garrett keychains
    – Turbo By Garrett stickers

What do I need to send in to

    • – Your title for the app.
    • – Your name.
    – We will request the address of the winner for sending out the prize pack.

What if you get duplicate names?

    – We will credit the person who sent in the name first as the owner and potential contest winner, so get your idea in soon!

Can I enter more than one name?

    • – Yes, just send all your ideas to I vote for more than one entry?

    – Yes.

Do I need a account to participate?

    – You do not need an account to enter, but you will need an account to vote.

Should I encourage others to vote for my idea?

    • – Yes, absolutely, but do not disparage anyone else’s idea (negative comments will be deleted).
    • While you’re at it, have your friends sign up as a fan of the Turbo By Garrett page and our Garrett Gearhead
    email list while you’re campaigning.

Any names that are too similar to existing turbocharger products or programs will be disqualified, as will any inappropriate or vulgar names.

Good Luck!


    1. 1. No Purchase necessary to participate.
    1. 2. Honeywell will in its sole discretion determine contest winners.
    3. By entering this contest, and for the consideration provided by Honeywell, you give Honeywell the unqualified use of your submittal (with right to copyright or license) for any Honeywell purpose.


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