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What’s Happening at Garrett – Advancing Motion

janvier 25, 2022

Adam LZ’s R33 Nissan Skyline Giveaway Car Sports a Garrett Turbo and Makes 500+ HP

Given away to a lucky winner by LZMFG, this R33 Nissan Skyline makes 500+ horsepower thanks to its Garrett GTX3071 turbo.

janvier 24, 2022

Garrett Turbocharged Grocery Getter: Hert’s Lexus GS300 “Thicccstallion”

Boosted by a Garrett G35-900 turbo, Hert’s Lexus GS300 family cruiser build went from simple to insane with a full 2JZ swap.

janvier 24, 2022

Collete Davis’ 620 Horsepower 3 Rotor FC RX7

In 2016, Collete Davis started her first drift project: an FC RX7. Now it’s fitted with a Garrett Turbocharged 20B 3-Rotor

janvier 19, 2022

Boonya Auto Supports Thailand’s Connection: The Under Up Event

Garrett Motion Distributor Boonya Auto. Boonya Auto had a fantastic booth with many Garrett performance turbochargers and intercoolers on display.

décembre 9, 2021

G40-900 Dyno Performance Data: George Kiriakopoulos

When a new turbo comes out it’s exciting to see dyno performance data numbers. The G40-900 made 905WHP on George’s 370Z Read More!

novembre 8, 2021

Titan Motorsports Joins the Garrett Performance Distributor Network

Titan Motorsports becomes official Garrett Performance distributor

novembre 2, 2021

Garrett Invests in STEM Education in Romania, Launching 2 New Projects

Garrett Motion continues to invest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in Romania launching two new interactive student projects in the academic year 2021/2022….

août 24, 2021

Garrett Makes Strong Strides in Sustainability, Ranks Among Industry’s Top 5% in EcoVadis Report

Garrett Motion’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance has been ranked among the top 5% of companies in the automotive supply industry, earning a Silver…

juin 4, 2021

Garrett’s Culture and Technology Drive a More Sustainable Automotive Future

By Garrett Chief Technology Officer Craig Balis For us at Garrett, sustainability is at the heart of our DNA, both in terms of what we…

mai 28, 2021

Reverse Rotation Turbochargers: A Unique Performance Configuration For Single and Twin Turbo Applications

Reverse rotation, mirrored turbos, symmetrical turbos, mirror image turbos are the many names that identify this counter clockwise rotating turbo configuration. Truth be told, there’s nothing uber special about them when compared to their standard rotation counterparts. However, the only parts they share are the bearing cartridge and some bolts and clamps

mai 18, 2021

Garrett Launches Its First WeCare4 Sustainability Report

Garrett has used its WeCare4 sustainability framework to report on the sustainability metrics identified as being the most relevant for the company and to publish…

mai 12, 2021

1075 Horsepower Twin Turbo C8 Corvette

FuelTech’s USA R&D center made this the worlds highest horsepower C8 Corvette with 1075 horsepower and Garrett G35-900 mirrored turbochargers

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