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June 23, 2019

Garrett Redboost™ Series of Turbochargers Available in China

  • New series provides lower cost replacement option from a global technology leader
  • Redboost aftermarket replacement turbos warrantied for 12 months

Redboost turbochargers have been developed for the needs of Chinese consumers seeking options for balancing cost and performance while still being assured of a quality replacement turbocharger from a global leader. Redboost turbochargers are available for different engines, including models from leading manufacturers such as Power, Guangxi YUCHAI, Jiangling Motor, NAVECO, and FAW JIEFANG.

Garrett’s world-class standardized production and strict quality control help ensure that the Redboost series has excellent performance, durability and power. Redboost turbochargers can help improve fuel economy by 5 percent and increase maximum torque by up to 20 percent. The Redboost series represents Garrett’s “East for East” localization strategy in applying its global technology platforms and processes to the specific needs of the Chinese aftermarket.  The more competitively priced Redboost series benefits from Garrett’s localized end-to-end capacity for designing, manufacturing, and sourcing this series of turbochargers.

The Redboost series is manufactured under the same strict quality control systems and high standards as Garrett’s original equipment turbochargers. It is made of  high-heat resistant materials that have gone through 500 rounds of thermal shock testing — making Redboost turbochargers up to twice as durable as local competitors’ replacement products.

“As the turbocharger market continues to expand, the relevant aftermarket is growing rapidly,” said Eric Fraysse, Garrett Advancing Motion Aftermarket vice president and general manager.

“Compared to Europe and the United States, commercial vehicles in China are subject to harsher traffic conditions, lesser oil quality, and often poor maintenance habits. Customers want high quality and a good price, and Redboost can offer them durability, power and cost. Redboost will help Garrett expand our business advantage in the aftermarket and create new growth opportunities for us in China.”


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