Maximize performance with unrivaled efficiency

Our new generation electric compressor dramatically improves transient response and steady state low end torque, enabling advanced combustion strategies required to meet stringent emissions norms.

Electric Compressor Hybrid Vehicles

Our compressor aerodynamics and electrical design help automakers overcome the historic trade-off between power density and efficiency. This industry-leading innovation aids emissions reduction and improved fuel economy alongside a more responsive driving experience.

Key Features

Our electric compressor offers industry-leading motor power, speed capability, and aerodynamic performance, increasing engine power density and transient response.   Advanced electronic design and thermal management allows the compressor to operate continuously, improving engine low end torque.  A compact design and sealed ball bearing system allow installation flexibility.

Maximize performance with unrivaled efficiency

48V Electric Compressor for Mild Hybrid Vehicles Benefits

The high power level and continuous operation capability of our electric compressor allows the turbocharger to be significantly upsized, while still increasing engine low end torque, transient response, and rated power.  This facilitates engine downspeeding and the implementation of advanced combustion strategies, decreasing fuel consumption and emissions.

Improved acceleration and downspeeding

Enable advanced combustion strategies

such as full load lamba 1 operation, miller cycle, and full load EGR

reduced engine emissions and lower fuel consumption

Mild Hybrid Vehicles and Connected Vehicle Solutions

The electric compressor is just one element in Garrett Advancing Motion suite of connected vehicle and electric boosting solutions. Our portfolio covers electric turbos, cybersecurity protection, advanced powertrain control and technology options to increase reliability and efficiency. For example, our intelligent Integrated Vehicle Health Management solution can significantly reduce operating costs by reducing unnecessary repairs.

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