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Craig Balis on E-Turbo technology and future of Hybrid vehicles at IAA 2019

Garrett’s E-Turbo delivers superior performance, fuel economy and emissions by integrating ultra-high-speed electric motors and power electronics into the turbocharger, while also providing energy recuperation to the vehicle’s electrical system.

The E-Turbo uses a small electric motor on the shaft to spool up the turbo and provide immediate boost from idle, eliminating felt acceleration lag time, and generating electricity and recharging the hybrid battery.

The technologies will be used to meet regional, national and local fuel economy and air quality targets.

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See what we did at IAA 2019

Garrett Motion is one of the automotive industry’s most iconic brands. It’s a name synonymous with six decades of world-first innovation, responsible for ground-breaking turbocharging technologies that have changed the way we think about performance and driveability.

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Garrett Motion to Showcase Electric Turbocharger for first time at IAA 2019

  • On display for the first time will be Garrett’s “E-Turbo” for mass market passenger vehicles, expected to launch in 2021
  • Garrett will display additional turbo technologies for gasoline, diesel, electric and hybrid, as well as software applications for connected vehicles

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New Garrett Software Optimizes E-Turbo Integration with Future Electrified Powertrains

  • Garrett control software helps redefine vehicle ECU and turbo interaction for hybrids
  • New software architecture creates path toward predictive energy and vehicle health management

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Garrett Motion Connected Vehicle Boost Controls