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Our Story

The Garrett name is synonymous with advanced and differentiated technologies
for emission reduction and energy efficiency.

70 years of technology leadership

Garrett technologies and innovations have been used by nearly every major global auto maker, resulting in more than 130 million vehicles with our products in use around the world. We live our mission by delivering differentiated solutions that increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions for turbo, hybrid and electrified applications.

The Garrett Legacy

John Clifford Garrett, an engineer with a passion for aviation and innovation, founded the company that would become a cornerstone of turbocharging technology. From its early days as an aviation-focused company to its diversification into automotive turbocharging, Garrett has been at the forefront of engine boosting, shaping the landscape of the automotive sector with its aerospace-derived expertise.

Our History

The story of turbocharger begins in 1954 when Garrett’s T15 turbo was paired with Caterpillar’s D9 crawler. Although the appropriately named Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbo Rocket became the first turbocharged production car in 1962, the technology’s impact was initially stronger in commercial vehicles.

In 1967 Deere selected the Garrett T04 turbo for its farm tractor range and the entire industry followed as engine manufacturers recognized the mutual benefits of better performance, greater torque and improved fuel efficiency for its commercial diesel applications.

Turbo Goes Mass-Market

By the mid-1970s the mass-market turbo era for trucks was well underway – 30 years on and just about every commercial diesel vehicle was equipped with more and more sophisticated turbochargers. For passenger cars, the 1970s proved to be a turning point for the turbo industry, but it was in the 1990s that turbo went mainstream and global with Garrett’s new variable nozzle turbine (VNT) technology.

The VNT turbo enabled the 1991 Fiat Croma to adjust exhaust gas flow in direct response to specific engine requirements. And when Volkswagen-Audi paired VNT technology with its 1.9L diesel engine for its Frankfurt Motor Show launch in 1995, the symbiotic fit between turbocharging and direct injection diesel powertrains was confirmed…and evolution became revolution.





Racing Triumphs

Garrett’s Motorsport presence spans the most renowned racing circuits globally, including Formula 1 with the Scuderia Ferrari and Formula 2, FIA World Rally, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In fact, for 24 consecutive years, teams using Garrett turbochargers have won at Le Mans, underscoring our products’ reliability and performance in demanding environments. Garrett had an integral role in the triumph of world-class racing teams, from the recent victories with Ferrari AF Corse to a history of wins with TOYTA GAZOO Racing, Porsche LMP Team, and Audi Sport, among others.

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Pioneer in Electrification

Garrett received its first turbocharger electrification patent in 2002 and enabled the rapid adoption of turbochargers in hybrid vehicles. Building on our heritage of innovation in turbocharging, Garrett has been at the forefront of the industry’s transition to electric boosting solutions for hybrid vehicles, further optimizing fuel economy and CO2 reductions. In 2022, we launched our industry first Electric Turbo (E-Turbo) technology, which has raised the bar by further improving performance, fuel economy, and CO2 reduction. The innovation of our E-Turbo technology was honoured with the PACE Award in 2021, and production was initiated in 2022.

Garrett Today

As global leader of differentiated turbo and hybrid technologies, Garrett continues to innovate to deliver  increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions for the automotive and industry sectors. We are also expanding alternative fuels for internal combustion engines such as hydrogen, which is creating a near zero-emission solution. With zero emission applications growing, Garrett is leading the industry with broadest range of high-efficiency, high-durability Fuel Cell Compressor solutions for fuel cell electric vehicles, and have introduced two ground breaking products, the E-Powertrain and centrifugal E-Cooling systems, that solve key challenges for battery electric vehicles.

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